Rich and sumptuous or restrained and elegant, wallpaper stimulates the senses and changes a room’s dynamic quickly and simply. We have a section of our showroom expressly dedicated to wall coverings and the transformations that wallpaper makes possible. If you plan to cover a single accent wall or perhaps dress an entire room, our extensive library is filled with manufacturers whose foremost commitment is to producing the finest product. This showroom contains something for every excellent taste— whether traditional to contemporary patterns, or textures and hand-woven grasscloths.

Responsible the profound diversity and quality of our materials is our thorough collection of wallpaper, which includes such greats as Cole & Son, Cowtan & Stout, Sanderson, Zoffany, Thibault, F. Schumacher & Co., Phillip Jeffries Ltd., Harlequin Osborne & Little, Romo, Klavet, and more.